I’m Alana Walsh, program manager. I help “job ready” new Islanders and new graduates develop their own local professional network.
I’m also a partner of the National Connector program which provides me with connections to more than 30 professionals across Canada who are experienced at connecting immigrants, migrants and new graduates with local leaders. Hearing their success stories, I’m confident PEI Network will help our business community thrive.

I’m inspired by the Connectors who want people to be rooted in our communities. They invest in our prosperity culture by sharing 30 minutes, their expertise and personal connections to help people achieve their goals.

I’m awed by the education and experience of our Connectees who are determined to belong. They’re eager to meet successful Connectees to learn more about their field in the Island context and identify hidden job opportunities.

And, most importantly, I’m determined to use the PEI Network to demonstrate to the world that our Island is open for business.

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The Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present this program to PEI’s business community. We encourage Connectors and Connectees from across the province to join the PEI Network because a strong labour market is vital for the Island’s long-term economic development.

Penny Walsh McGuire

Executive Director at Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce

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